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Berlin, Germany

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KRENU stands for unique porcelain tableware. Gastronomes can develop their individualized tableware together with KRENU. Independent designers have their designs made by KRENU. And you can buy the porcelain tableware here!

Our latest products

KRENU works together with caterers to create sustainable products that move people and captivate them. Together with an experienced designer, our caterers develop exactly the dishes they always wanted but couldn't find anywhere.

Individual tableware strengthens the brand value of a company, underlines the overall concept and complements it.

KRENU means that everyone has the opportunity to realize themselves. 

KRENU creates a community of designers who can design on their own responsibility and do not have to bow to any pressure.

Each person can freely choose which designs they want to sell, how many pieces can be produced and at what price they are offered. All decisions are made by the designers. The tableware is only produced when someone wants to buy the tableware design. KRENU takes over the production and ensures the high quality of the products. This allows our designers to concentrate on their core competence - unique and special design pieces.

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