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Berlin, Germany

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KRENU gives you the opportunity to use your own branded, and designed by you, tableware in your business from now on. You are not on your own during the design process. You are accompanied by a product designer who is specially trained in the efficient collaborative design process. He/she/it will not only advise you on aesthetic issues but will also advise you on how the tableware is best suited to the needs of your guests and employees and optimized for daily use. 

In addition to underlining your profile and highlighting your business, we offer you additional income. By creating the designs together with KRENU, you are also the author of our joint design. You can not only use your porcelain tableware for your business but also sell it directly to your guest. You can either sell it directly at your shop or via our website. Your guest should always have a reminder at home about the beautiful experience with your business. 

What we offer


During a short preliminary talk, we define the basic requirements for your tableware. Which pieces of tableware do you need? Do you want to have your logo engraved? Are there any special drawings you would like to have on your pieces? The more information and data we receive in advance, the faster we can develop your tableware together in a co-design process. 


We arrange then a 30-minute appointment with you and a designer. Together with him/her/them, you develop your individual tableware on the computer. Use this appointment to ask all the questions you have. Your designer is an expert and supports you gladly in making design decisions. 

Once your design is finalized, you will receive an official offer from us. Once confirmed, the production of our tableware can start.

Your designer


I'm Andrea! Not only I have experience in product design, but also in gastronomy. Together with you, I am happy to develop crockery that is not only beautiful and unique but also practical for your day-to-day business. 


Hello everybody! I'm Patrick, a product designer out of passion. I mainly work with ceramics and specialize in tableware development. I am looking forward to joint creations and successful cooperation!

Are you a designer, have you mastered 3D programs and would like to develop great tableware together with gastronomes? Then get in touch with us! Together we can create even more creative energy and unique, individual tableware ;)

Please contact us at if you are interested in your own tableware.


We arrange an appointment to discuss further details <3