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Berlin, Germany

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KRENU is all about your unique

KRENU is a platform for talented product designers who want to design unique porcelain tableware and sell it directly to customers.

KRENU handles the entire production, marketing, and sales for you.


Young designers, in particular, find it difficult to gain a foothold on the market because the infrastructure - ovens, studios, production areas - is lacking.

With KRENU, that's exactly what you don't need and you can fully concentrate on your competence: Designing unique tableware.


Your first step - send us a CAD file of your design. We will check the file for producibility by our machines and within 2-3 working days, we will contact you. You can then tell us in which colors we can apply the glaze, how many dishes can be sold and at what price. It is and remains your design. You should determine how your design is offered. We always treat your designs strictly confidential and as long as no GO comes from your side, we will not use your designs.

After we have defined all the terms, we will post your designs in our shop. Once a piece is ordered, we will produce it. It is important to us, that no resources are wasted. 

We don't care how many internships or work experience you have. There is no minimum or maximum age to register as a designer. We don't care if you are a trained designer, if you are still studying or if you are an absolute lateral entrant.



The important thing for us is that you are creative, have fun designing and your designs encourage customers to use and enjoy your creations for a long time.

Technical parameters:

we need a CAD file of your tableware in .STEP .STP .IGES .IGS .OBJ or .FBX format.


They already use KRENU to realize their designs


The quality of the pieces is much better than if I had produced them myself. The KRENU team has inspired me from the very beginning. Thanks, thanks, thanks!


I never thought about how easy it would be to produce my own designs. KRENU had always given me good bits of advice and was always available for any questions.


You can also sell your tableware on KRENU! Send us your designs to and we will contact you to discuss everything else <3