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Berlin, Germany

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Our vision

We at KRENU believe that every person deserves to show his/her/their creativity not only at home but also to the general public. As a community, creative people have the say by KRENU, regardless of their education, professional experience or age. Our expertise lies in manufacturing and marketing so that our designers can focus on their core competence - developing great, unique tableware. 

We are KRENU

KRENU was founded by Andrea, Gerald, and Monika. 

Andrea is responsible for product design. She has several years of experience in gastronomy as well as in the production of porcelain. Now she makes sure that gastronomes receive individual designs and that all the wishes of a product designer are taken into consideration.

Gerald is not only the managing director but also our man for quality management. As a certified quality systems engineer, he ensures that our value chains are on point. The quality and longevity of our products are the greatest motivation for Gerald.

Monika works on our public presentation. In her life, she has already worked for different companies in different positions. Her focus has always been on the customers and the communication with them.  

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